Blast Off

Greetings Americans and “Others”,

I’ve made the jump to WordPress from Blogspot.  To those of you- that special dozen of you that will always have a place in my heart, which will have to do, because I don’t have a couch – that read my blog, “This Trip Never Ends”, fear not, it is not the end.  More so, this is the next plateau of its evolution, crawling out of the primordial ooze with its clumsy new claws into a world where it is both predator and prey…America.  It will, hopefully, continue to evolve, maybe gain a thumb, some feathers, teeth, or a big brain to help it thrive to be an elite machine of nature…until the next astroid slams Mother Earth.  Or – if they Mayans were right – until December.

Along the way towards extinction, I plan to submerge myself into all the Life that’s out there, whether it’s across the country, or on the next block.  Wherever, whoever, whatever, the story of you, me, Us, exchanging fluids in the great big IS, creating our universe, as we move from algae, ape to man to….?

So I hope you read along.  We beat back those silly waves of boredom together.

Live long or evolve…

1 thought on “Blast Off

  1. OK, I’m following you. Have missed you, but you keep wandering off. Theater and travelin’ — that’s Todd. Let me know whenever you come through NYC. We can break bread, or have a cuppa . . .

    P.S. I don’t Twitter, even though I am a bird (haha).

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